Action Plan

Underage drinking costs our entire community
  • Underage drinking alone costs the United States $24.3 billion a year
  • $3.8 billion in health care costs
  • $13.7 billon in lost labor or productivity
  • $6.8 billion in other costs such as crime, accidents, and fetal alcohol syndrome.

Tobacco Use

  • Tobacco related illness costs the United States  $300 billion each year
  • Almost  $170 billion for direct medical care for adults
  • More than $156 billion in lost productivity, including $5.6 billion in lost productivity due to secondhand smoke exposure

7 Strategies for Community Change

Provide Information

Create educational opportunities for youth, parents, and community members to reduce use of alcohol and tobacco products among youth.

Enhance Skills

Facilitate community events for schools, parents, teachers, and retail establishments concerning prevention efforts.

Provide Support

Support youth-led programs to promote substance free alternative activities and events. Support county-wide youth council.

Enhance Access

Identify barriers to participation in healthy activities and create a community plan for overcoming barriers.

Change Consequences

Provide training for retail compliance and serving practices.

Change Physical Design

Conduct community scan to identify areas of easy access. Work with establishments to decrease signage around schools.

Modify Policy

Work with schools to provide evidence-based alternatives to suspension. Work with parks, festivals, and other community events to develop guidelines for serving policies.